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Future Gel Reverse Tips

Future Gel Reverse Tips


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Easily modified so you can personalize these tips to suit your clients

120 pcs / pack

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Extremely fast salon nails!

You can create natural looking nails in record time.

These very flexible tips are reusable, so you can use just one box of tips for a long time.

Personalize these tips to suit your clients nails.

120 tips per box/ 12 sizes


How to use:

Prepare the natural nail as usual ( Gently push back the Proximal Nail Fold, remove the cuticle from the nail plate, remove the shine from the nail plate. Apply Prep and Primer 1 or Primer 2)

Apply Hypnotic Bond to all 10 nails and cure (cure 1 min Brillbird LED lamp)

Size up Brillbird Reverse Tips to suit your customers nails.

Using the metal spatula, slice off and apply a small amount of Brillbird Future Gel to the inside of the Future Gel Reverse Tips, depending on the desired length and shape.

Shape and smooth the Future Gel into place on the underside of the Future Gel Reverse Tips using the Brillbird smile line brush OR 3D nail art brush (lightly dampened with Brillbird Cleaner)

Apply directly to the prepared nail surface, being sure not to press any excess onto the surrounding skin.

Cure 2-3 mins UV lamp and 1 min Brillbird LED lamp

Gently twist the Reverse Tip to release.

If required apply extra Future gel for structure building and cure.

Use Brillbird Cleaner to remove any sticky residue remaining underneath the nail.

File and shape the perimeter and any other areas needing shaping using 180 grit file.

Topcoat or apply gel polish as required.





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