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Gel Tip – Medium Almond

Gel Tip – Medium Almond


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Gel artificial nail tip

Our gel tips are made of very flexible and thin material. They adapt easily to everyday activities and are extremely durable, you don’t have to worry about breaking.

Their use is completely different from using traditional tips. They give nails support on their own, we don’t need extra building material to add to them.

After gluing with the specially developed Tip Glue Gel, we recommend filing the tip on the edges.

BB Tip: The Gel Tip should not be pushed all the way into the cuticle area to allow gently filing the gel tip flush with your nails.

12 sizes x 20 pcs 240pcs / box

Apply enough BB Tip Glue Gel inside the tip to cover the entire surface of natural nails, the amount of material required is no more than the amount of polygel used as a base coat. It dries extremely quickly, in the BB Brill Pro lamp approx. 30 sec.

Step by step

1. Prepare the natural nail

2. Use Nail Prep and Primer 2 as usual

3. Select the appropriate sized tip

4. Apply glue to the inside of the tip and then spread it carefully

5. Press Tip using strong pressure onto the nail plate

6. Cure. 30 seconds.




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