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Turquoise Builder Gel 15ml

Turquoise Builder Gel 15ml


Coloured Builder gel

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In the range of BrillBird building gels, we have brought you a completely  new building gel with a special texture  . Its surface is dense but still smooths out during application, it is easy to spread, flexible and hard at the same time . As a base layer and as a cover layer, nails can be created with it in 2 steps, it is also a great choice as a colour on its own. Its heat generation is of medium strength. Thanks to its texture, you can use a brush with natural or synthetic hair.
Recommended for filing-free technique! 
When working over a warm finger, the material softens more, so it requires a quicker work pace. After curing – due to its strong adhesive layer – we recommend Super Finish Cleaner for removing the sticky layer.
Its advantages:
– it can be easily bent (bending time: 30 seconds)
– any length can be built with it
– it can also be used perfectly for non-filing techniques
– high adhesion
Curing time:
2-3 minutes in a UV lamp,
1 minute in a LED lamp,
1 minute in a combined/UVLED lamp


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